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my nerdy and lovable husband

my father who is retired and has decided to write two cookbooks, Breakfast Around the World and The ABC's of Food in his spare time

our friend Joe has a new spin on meeting people and the ancient art of matchmaking

we went through Sac State's M.A. English program together; she also maintains the About.com Classic Literature site

my friend who I live vicariously through from time to time

my friend who is a professional and freelance digital photographic imaging artist

my "cousin-in-law" Paige who loves to travel with her husband Chris

note to self...ask my friend Joel what this Holer thing is all about :)

we worked together at the CHP and keeps busy with TED and SchoolHouse Earth

another graduate school friend who is currently teaching at American River College

my friend Marc is back as the coolest turtle around (hey, update your Web site!)

a friend from junior high that I contacted after all this time (it's a small world after all!)

Last updated on March 31, 2012.

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